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(888) 918-9218

Kapsack & Bair
Bruce Kapsack & Hudson Bair
1440 Broadway
Ste. 902
Oakland, CA  94612

Additional offices in San Fransico, Sacramento, Alameda,

Santa Clara, San Mateo, Lake Tahoe and Contra Costa County.

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Bruce Kapsack

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Hudson Bair

Arrested for DUI? Call Kapsack & Bair Now

If you've been arrested for driving under the influence in California, it is critical that you take action immediately. You have only 10 days to file an appeal with the DMV or your driver's license will be automatically suspended. Call the attorneys of Kapsack & Bair right now at (888) 918-9218 to get started.

Bruce Kapsack and Hudson Bair are renowned California attorneys focusing exclusively on DUI defense. They offer clients years of experience, steadfast determination and a solid track record in court. Mr. Kapsack and Mr. Bair have not only won numerous cases for their Northern California DUI clients, they have also shared their knowledge with other attorneys by way of teaching and lecturing. They have taught DUI defense strategy techniques and are instructors in Standardized Field Sobriety testing (SFST).

Free Evaluation from Leading DUI Attorneys

Kapsack & Bair offers complimentary DUI defense consultations to review the charges against you and discuss how to protect your rights.

Why should you consider their services? Here are just some of their impressive qualifications:

  • First California lawyer to pass the American Bar Association's Board Certification exam for DUI specialization (Kapsack)
  • First California lawyer to become an Instructor of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (Kapsack)
  • Authored numerous texts on California drunk driving laws (Kapsack)
  • AV rating from the Martindale-Hubbell directory (highest rating available)
  • Only firm with an Intoxilyzer 5000, similar to those used by Northern California law enforcement
  • Only Bay Area firm to take sworn testimony from the woman who invented field sobriety tests
  • Affiliated with the National College of DUI Defense (Kapsack – former Regent) and the Association of California Deuce Defenders

Applying tried-and-true defense techniques, Mr. Kapsack and Mr. Bair will diligently defend your rights and provide the most effective legal strategy possible. To learn more, call (888) 918-9218 or use the quick contact form at the top of this page. Don't hesitate; contact Kapsack & Bair today to learn how they can help you during this stressful time.


See for yourself: numerous former clients have written reviews of their experiences with Kapsack & Bair.

"This was a "superlative experience" being represented by you ... I don't know what to say but the impact of what you have done is awesome ... my future has been literally re-born due to your legal efforts ... You're the greatest ..." —H.J.

"Getting a DUI can be very stressful. We went to so many attorneys and did not feel comfortable with anyone. After losing all hope we came across Bruce Kapsack. After meeting with him for 20 minutes we knew he was the one we needed to hire. He is so knowledgeable. His staff is so friendly. We walked out of there knowing we are in good hands. That was the first night we had a good night sleep. I highly recommend him. He is honest and professional. I am very pleased with the outcome. Thanks to him and his staff for being so helpful." —K.T.

"I am writing this to express my sincere thanks to your firm for representing me in my criminal case. Your staff is knowledgeable and very efficient at what they do. I was treated with respect and felt like I was a priority at your office. You answered all my questions completely and gave me a sense of ease about my situation. You talked straight and didn't promise anything you could not deliver. The results of my case were beyond my expectations and I would endorse your firm to anyone needing representation. I thank you for keeping my record clean and me out of jail. Thanks again." —J.G.

"I want to convey my sincere thanks and gratitude to you. I was facing a third offense (in 6 years) DUI. The minimum sentence of 120 days to a year in jail plus all the other HIGH penalties would have been devastating. I don't know how but Mr. Kapsack somehow wrangled a FIRST OFFENSE outcome. I had a BAC of .22 so I received a nine-month DUI course, lower penalties and only 2 DAYS JAIL TIME with 1 day served (did time at a local park raking leaves). I will never need Mr. Kapsack's services again but if anyone reading this needs the services of an excellent, #1 law firm, I wholeheartedly endorse Kapsack & Bair. Again, I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding job handling my case." —J.B.

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